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Soccer specific, multi-developmental play programme for children and parents


SOCATOTS is the world’s first pre-school, play based activity programme, specifically designed for children (girls and boys) aged between 6 months and 5 years old. SOCATOTS helps to give your child the best start in life and uniquely, helps you to develop a stronger bond with your child, whilst developing your child’s motor skills, movement, speech, numeracy, colour identification, communication and teamwork skills. SOCATOTS is a unique and innovative programme and was developed soon after the world famous Brazilian Soccer Schools.

Our Sessions

The Power of the SOCATOTS Programme!

SOCATOTS creates an optimum environment for children to develop their physical fitness and mental agility. The programme hones a child's motor skills through activities using a ball, while enhancing their self-esteem and confidence. SOCATOTS also helps children learn numbers, the alphabet, colours and body parts, and reinforces positive aspects of their personality. The result is a healthier child whose motor skills and fitness are boosted. Perseverance, concentration, memory and general cognitive abilities are also enhanced.

Appropriate for all preschool age groups

6 months until 1 year old

Sessions focus on helping children crawl and move around, using appropriate equipment and exercises. Activities for those who cannot walk yet are aimed at developing coordination and leg movements, and learning to sit. Easy exercises help children develop balance. At this age, the SOCATOTS approach is focused on stimulating the development of social skills, personality, communication skills, counting basics, language and physical development.

1 year old - 3 years old

Once children are walking, they can begin to develop their physical skills further in the areas of coordination, balance and agility. Using the basic skills of ball control acquired during the early sessions with SOCATOTS, the children begin to progress rapidly, applying the balance they have already developed to control the ball in the air in new ways.

3 years old until 5 years old

Activities for this age group are centred around the ball control and coordination skills acquired during first and second group sessions. Children learn more challenging commands, and develop good habits such as holding their head up while practising footwork.Simple activities involving controlling the ball in the air are introduced, and children are encouraged to hone their juggling skills. They still work with their parents or carers, but also cooperate with other children in small groups.